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For the passing visitor this section should give you an idea of what skills our Scouts are taught. Sample kit lists for camps and expeditions are also found in the relevant sections.

As well as an active and adventurous programme, the 107th gives our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts the opportunity to learn traditional Scouting skills such as:

  • map reading & hiking
  • knots, lashings & pioneering
  • tent pitching & striking
  • bushcraft & firelighting
  • axe, saw & knife safety
  • open fire & hike stove cooking

Our Scouts are then given opportunity to display their talents at camps and other events.

This section of the site will grow over time so that it includes links to useful information for a variety of Scouting Skills. Currently the site contains some important skills Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will learn during our frequent camping trips.

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